There are so many people who share the story of after life Experiences. This afterlife experiences is normally referred as NDEs or Near Death Experience. These are the experiences of those who believed that they have experienced death for a very short period of time and seen or experienced the second world. This happens to those people who are suffering from some serious disease or trauma in their life.
Though doctors or medical practitioners don’t believe this near death experiences, but they call it as internal chemical reactions of brain which creates hallucination. No matter what has been said in medical books, NDEs is getting more and more publicity and recognition. Due to so many claims on NDEs study is still going on to check the authenticity of the claims. Some of the study showed positive responses which added strength on the claims of the believer.
It is also been observed that NDEs are almost same throughout countries, culture or religion.
Some of the common NDE experiences are
Hearing beautiful music
Reaching to a boundary of spiritual world
Feeling of peacefulness and protection.
Sense of leaving the physical body
Seeing a bright soothing light.
NDEs is not only a topic of concern for today’s world, but it has been an important point of discussion and subject of study from the past. People studying NDEs get the traces of near death experiences even in 380 B.C. There are some of the well known literature available from the past which give light on the subject. Continuous research is going on to bring more acceptance and proof on this subject. It has been found that most experiences of NDEs remain same, only there is certain difference based on the influence of religion.
One of the most important research which came out is that people who have attempted suicide, experienced NDEs and there life got completely changed. They returned to this life with better understanding of the purpose of coming to this world. These individuals then never attempted suicide again and living more progressive lifestyle.

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