Animal psychic powers

When it comes to psychic, it is not exclusively human being who possesses such power. In my view statistically more animals are psychic than the human beings. There have been numerous stories of psychic animals. For instance:

  • Animals seem to sense danger for example- during recent flood in Kerala it was found animals who were not clinged to rope by their owners were able to survive on their own by sensing the situation and moving to safer ground. While examining the life loss post flood, proportionally humans outnumbered animals.
  • It is commonly seen a dog or cat sensing the arrival of their owner not just at regular time, they can anticipate in advance when their owner is on the way back to home getting all excited.
  • Even Hollywood has acknowledged the adventures of such animals who once separated from their owners make long journeys to return back home through an unknown route displaying animal’s sixth sense.
  • Some of them are consider being an indicator species when it comes to any major disaster for example- It is observed recently in California dog reacted strongly to Earthquake seconds before it actually hit, even the rapid movement of birds before actual thunderstorm or waterspout serve as an indication to such events.

Trending these days is pet psychic who try to communicate with pets to figure out their inner thoughts and feelings. Personally I too have sometimes successfully communicate telepathically with animals but with imagery, when it comes to communication with animals they know few of our words but a mental picture speaks a thousand human words! If I want to communicate, I’ll send them either a strong emotion or images. Once my dog was sleeping I sent him the mental picture about going for a walk, I noticed the excitement by which he woke up facing the door to go out.

An animal needs to be psychic to survive and not all animals are 100% psychic all the time which would have given hunters a tough time to survive. Since we are at top of food chain it’s far less a needed skill so it has gone dormant.

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