Astral Projection

I had my first astral projection on January 7th, 1985. I am a lucid dreamer and had learnt the art of maintaining the consciousness while asleep and in a dream. But that night something miraculously, terrifying, and most captivating thing happened to me.
I awakened to find myself in bed with an intense tingling almost like an electric shock taking place in my body. My eyes were closed but I could experience dual consciousness. I felt my soul moving slowly out of my body. I also sensed the presence of three others in the room. I tried to move or cry for help but all the efforts were in vain as I felt choking. While I was struggling with all this I heard a voice in my head asking me to breathe through the nose. Herein I experienced the most bizarre feeling I started moving out of my body much faster. I knew I was deceived. As soon as I stopped breathing through my nose and began to screech again, I started moving back into my body. But there was an additional energy which drew me out again. My soul was in a tussle with me trying to get back into my body and these presences trying to pull me out. I again heard one of the voices telling that I was too frightened and things are not working as they thought. The third voice retorted saying that she has to learn. The first voice tells me that it is absolutely fine. I was so firm that I could finally succeed in bringing my soul back to my body. I was awake and could not sleep that night.
I decided not to tell anyone in my family what had happened because I know they will not believe me. When I got to school, I went straight to my boyfriend. But what he told me got me goosebumps as he said that he tried to contact me psychically last night, and he was unsuccessful. To learn more about, visit
I busted out at him saying, “No no! Something DID happen!” I narrated my experience about the last night. We hesitantly came to the conclusion that the other entities in my room were certainly evil and were trying to kill me or take possession of my body. That was truly disastrous because this supposition led to a series of events which initially shaped all of my astral experiences in a negative way. The next 7 days after that experience I had 3 more manifestations like the first one. I was so petrified of going to sleep because I knew those unseen powers will take me with the. Thus began my experiences with “evil” entities, and a four-month long battle with a fear that I will never forget.

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