Color Candle Therapy

Candles are one of the important tool of deviation. People who practice meditation, reiki, chakra and self balancing and energy healing use candles for improving their skills. Candles have been used from very beginning of the civilization. Candles have been used in almost all the religions and culture. Candles are used for every occasion including mourning, celebration and maintaining spirituality.
This is the best way to focus while meditation.This is not only limited to meditation, different colour candles do create different effects on individuals. This is because every color have different vibration and energy. When these color are burnt it release their energy in the surroundings.

Some of the important color candles are:-
Black:- it is one of the most powerful color of the candles. It absorbs all the negative energy present around you. This has been proved to be very helpful in meditation apart from meditation it has a great effect on making relationship more positive.

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Indigo:- It is the color of communication. It bring the spirituality and intuitions to the mainstream. It enhances all the features of psychic abilities.

Blue:- Blue is a power color represents balanced in every sphere of life. Blue color helps in balancing financial troubles and spirituality. It helps in making you more calm and peaceful.

Green:-Green is the color of prosperity and growth. This color helps in getting more money, making your luck more strong and powerful. Not only this will also help in healing and protection.

Yellow:- Yellow color is used to increase memory power, And also promotes healing and calming both body and mind. Green color also adds to the protection and helps in stimulate growths.

Orange:- Orange is the representation of friendship and success Orange color candle help in body cleansing and balancing .Navel chakra. This is more suitable for those seeking career advices and looking for successful job employment.

Red:- Red is another powerful color used in various places like in psychic protection, bringing strength and maintaining root chakra.

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