Do You Getting The Blessings And Best Wishes Of Your Loving Ones From Heaven?

He is No More! The most heartbreaking words we heard ever. When our loving ones passed away, we think it’s all over now. His journey has been ended now. But there are always two sides of coin. We think we’ll never get them back, but we never notice that they’re still with us. They always try to let us know that Life exists! Even after Death. Somehow they’ll make us feel their presence and get us any reminder about that they are Happy and will be with us like always.
They’ll never interrupt you. They just wants to confirm that, “You’re happy and enjoying your life.” They’ll just use some stuff that’ll be meaningful to let you know their “message” that you’ll recognize surely!

They care and help us during our hard times.
Your loved ones will never interfere in your life, if it’s going smoothly without any worry or difficulties. They don’t even need us to feel their presence. But when you’re going through a tough time or facing some difficult situations. They’ll reach out to you to help you out from that situation or difficulties. Many times you’ll feel their presence like during some special events or at those emotional moments when you missed your loved ones a lot. They’re always with you to care and love. With a positive thought that you’ll be together again someday.
Guiding us in our dreams.

Dreams are the best way for your loved ones to reach you. It’s the best way because the other side is made up of energy so nothing’s better than dreams. They use dreams as a platform to tell you something or pass you any kind message etc. I met a guy last month. He told me that his wife had given up on being able to get pregnant. Once he saw his father in his dream. He said that your wife is going to be pregnant soon, just wait. He repeated the word “wait” many times. When he woke up he spoke to his wife about the dream. They both had been working very hard, and a few days later they went for a small vacation. A week after they got home, the pregnancy test was positive! He showed me his photo with his wife and son. He said “I” am so happy I listened.

Getting signs of their presence.
Our loved ones always try to communicate. It could be song which triggers a memory, or the smell of a special flower, or the smell of your favourite meal you both loved to eat together. These are the symbols comes up when you need to know that your loved one is with you.
Maybe you’re going somewhere and suddenly you stop and found that this place has some special memories of your loved ones. Maybe they want you to know about something or they’re just missing you too.

If you get the signs and the memories related to them, your loved ones will know that you heard them and felt their presence. They’ll try to communicate with you more and in many ways. If you avoid these signs, it tells them that you’re not ready to communicate them at the moment. But they don’t give up. They try more and more. Next time, we’re going to discuss about how your loved ones keep trying to make you feel their presence and get you ready to recognize that your loved ones are with you like always.

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